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We understand your industry

No doubt that recruiters have contacted you about totally irrelevant jobs. You’d have had messages that have nothing to do with your industry. That’s where AutomationSR is different. We know how important it is that you’re being represented by a recruiter who understands the automation industry.

By working with a specialist recruitment agency, you’ll have access to:

  • More vacancies, that are suited for you.
  • Outstanding support, from people who love recruitment.
  • Personal service

Here’s why many individuals choose us to help them move forward in their career

  • Clear discussion – We take time to find out what you really want and understand both your full skill set and your personality so the professional relationship will be right for you
  • Trusted connections – We have relationships with many of the most reputable organisations in the automation sector and will be the professional support you need to help you make your next career step
  • Proven selection process – Our recruitment selection process is considered and proactive, reducing both time and uncertainty
Submit your CV

AutomationSR is one of the UK’s leading professional Search Recruitment Consultancies, specialising in the placement of sales candidates with the best employers within the Automation sector.

We work in close partnership with all of our clients, so we often have vacancies that you won’t find anywhere else. We offer practical advice based on our long experience in the markets we serve.

Some agencies like to clog email servers and waste paper by sending your CV out to companies that you wouldn’t want to work for. Here at AutomationSR, we’re very selective about who we’ll show your CV. To us, it’s more than a piece of paper; it’s a personal and vital document that needs to be treated with respect.

We take time to find out what you really want, and we make sure that we only send your CV to companies that best meet your needs, and to a role that has been discussed with you to ensure a “Fit” is there.

So if you’re finding some agencies are wasting your time, talk to an agency that won’t. You don’t show everyone your CV: neither will we.

If you would like to discuss your career in general, obtain up to date remuneration details, or hear about current vacancies, then please contact us.